Event Tents

Tent Setup

Frame Tents can be anchored using concrete blocks or water barrels if necessary.  We prefer to stake all tents if possible. Staking is the safest and most secure way to anchor the tents.


40' Wide Frame Tents 

40'X40'   White  / Clear

40'X60'   White  / Clear

40'X80'   White  / Clear 

40'X100' White  / Clear  

40'X120'  White / Clear 

40'X140'  White  

40'X160'  White 

Frame Tents



20'X20'   White  / Clear

20'X30'   White  / Clear

20'X40'   White  / Clear

20'X50'   White  / Clear

30'X30'   White  / Clear 

30'X40'   White  / Clear 

30'X45'   White  / Clear

30'X60'   White  / Clear 

30'X75'   White  / Clear 

30'X90'   White  / Clear 

30'X105' White  / Clear 

30'X120' White  / Clear 


Tent Accessories  

Leg Draping 

Tent Leg Fans

Solid White Tent Sidewalls 

Cathedral Window Tent Sidewalls 

Clear Tent Sidewalls

Tent Sales 2.jpg