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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I pickup & Return My Rentals?

A: Unfortunately we only offer delivery & pickup services.  This guarantees proper transportation of our equipment.  A complete list of our Delivery/ Pickup fees are located on our services page.


Q: Do I need a Event Permit for my beach Wedding?

A: This depends per county & is based on the amount of guests attending.

Okaloosa County: Public Beach Access Requires Permit, Private Access-Permit not Required

Okaloosa Permit Link

Walton County: All Public Beach Accesses Require Event Permits

Private Beach Access with 29 or more Guests Attending Require an Event Permit.  Permits can be requested online through the individual counties.

Walton County Permit Link


Q: What is the standard rental period?

A: The standard rental period is per event.  Each additional days use may require an additional 50% of invoice.

Q: Do you carry items that are not listed on your website?

A: We carry a wide variety of items in our warehouse.  Please inquire for any special requests.

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